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This pack is all about Animated Magazine Fonts. Each element has been animated in a way that visually brings them to life, and brings your work to life.

30.04.2023No Comments • Eva

PNG Marker Elements

Use the vastest collection of marker elements in the world of graphic design and let your designs beat every other right off. Packed with over 1000 pieces, there are all sorts of elements found here.

30.04.2023No Comments • Eva

acidbite - MORPHEUS

Red pill or blue pill? It doesn't matter to us! With our MORPHEUS, you don't have to choose. Glitch between the worlds at will.

08.04.2023No Comments • Eva

COSMOS Title Presets Text Presets — FCPX

Creating eye catching title designs shouldn't be complicated nor time-consuming. If you’re a Motion Graphics Animator, you’ll probably be aware of how helpful title presets and templates are for your work.

08.04.2023No Comments • Eva

Tropic Colour - 80'S FILM TITLES

The 80's had some of the most iconic movies... and better yet, some of the most iconic typography styles.

06.04.2023No Comments • Eva

bryandelimata - Essential LUTs

Designed for ANY Flat Footage (Slog-2, Slog-3, Cinestyle, BRAW, and more).

19.03.2023No Comments • Eva

Creator FX - Digital Lens FX

13 Fully Customizable filter options including: Kaleidoscope Filter, Blue Streak Filter, Split Prism Filter, Linear Repeater Prism Filter, Split & Double Diopter Filters, and a Pro Mist Style Filter.

11.03.2023No Comments • Eva


This is a must-have sound effects library for filmmakers.

11.03.2023No Comments • Eva

Punch Hole Transitions for Premiere Pro

Punch Hole Transitions for Premiere Pro — Punch Hole Transitions library contains more than 350 ready-to-use presets from 6 different categories

19.02.2023No Comments • Eva

Acid Trip Effects

This Premiere Pro Package contains 50 preset effects.

19.02.2023No Comments • Eva

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