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Blindusk - Sound Design Collection

Blindusk - Sound Design Collection - Expect a huge collection of abstract and decayed foley sounds, downshifters, tons of atmospheric drones and pads, field recordings from ambisonic 360° rain to motorcylces, trains and fireworks, massive impacts, epic, metallic and unnerving risers, dark scrapes and digital sound fx.

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Instantly add Sound Design to your project.

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Triune Digital - MONSTER SFX

856 files containing Roars, Bellows, Whispers, Grunts, Groans and Moans for Monster and Fantasy Creatures.

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Monster SFX - Triune Films

856 files containing Roars, Bellows, Whispers, Grunts, Groans and Moans for Monster and Fantasy Creatures.

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Highly stylized and crafted Cinematic Scores & soundscapes to give your next project that extra edge.

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EZCO Toolbox

Whether you are an experienced editor or just starting out, great tools are essential for this process. EZCO Toolbox ™ covers every step of the visual transformation process from color to graphics and everything in between in one easy-to-navigate folder.

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SILENCERS - chic set of sounds related to firearms. Shots, reloading, etc.

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Ezra Cohen — Odyssey SFX Pro

Ezra Cohen - Odyssey SFX Pro - 100 Sci-fi SFX and soundtracks!

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Premiumbuilder Packs 2021

Premiumbuilder Packs 2021 - a large package of plugins for After Effects and Premiere Pro

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AcidBite — Dystopia SFX

AcidBite — Dystopia SFX - This sound pack is for all lovers of dark and vivid soundscapes. It also contains all SFX from our Transition Packs as a bonus.

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