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Creator FX - Digital Lens FX

13 Fully Customizable filter options including: Kaleidoscope Filter, Blue Streak Filter, Split Prism Filter, Linear Repeater Prism Filter, Split & Double Diopter Filters, and a Pro Mist Style Filter.
Official source

01 Kaleidoscope
02 Subtle kaleidoscope
03 Light streak
04 Light streak
05 Light streak
06 Star
07 Refraction
08 Linear prism
09 Split kaleidoscope
10 Kaleidoscope intense
11 Split diopter
12 Center clear
13 Nostalgia mist 2
13 Nostalgia mist

More Info

Compatibility: FCPX,  Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci
File Info: project
Size: 722 mb



In this window, you can download - Creator FX - Digital Lens FX

The content contains a password, to get it, you need to sign up for a subscription to "PRO  ACCESS" - Learn more.

The content contains a password, to get it, you need to subscribe to a subscription to "STANDARD ACCESS" or a level higher "PRO ACCESS" - Learn more.

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