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TOP 65 Lightroom presets

TOP 65 Lightroom presets - the author's archive of presets for photo processing!
Official source

TOP 65 Lightroom presets - presets will allow you to take photos to a new level and speed up the processing process.

All my photos are processed using exclusively these presets.

Depending on the shooting conditions, camera settings, and your color vision, presets should be adjusted after application. Remember that presets cannot be universal, because every photo is unique.

More Info

* Preset format - xmp (for Desktop Lightroom)
* Presets work with raw files (correction is required for jpg)
• Some presets may overlap in their basic settings
* Profile (Self-calibration) - adobe standart
* Presets are digital goods that cannot be exchanged or returned

Size: 1 mb


In this window, you can download - TOP 65 Lightroom presets

The content contains a password, to get it, you need to sign up for a subscription to "PRO  ACCESS" - Learn more.

The content contains a password, to get it, you need to subscribe to a subscription to "STANDARD ACCESS" or a level higher "PRO ACCESS" - Learn more.

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