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If you have any question or need help please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected].
But be aware that we can refuse you technical assistance referring to the " Basics of the site in relation to users"
You can also write to us by telegram by writing in the chat "Adam help me pls"

Problems that can cause errors when downloading content or its operation:

  • - Outdated version of WinRAR, Betterzip or keka
  • - "I downloaded the content, but it doesn't work" - Most likely, during the download from the browser, your data transfer speed dropped. You need to download it again or use the program (Air Explorer)
  • - "I downloaded the content, it asks for a password, and I don't know it" -  All passwords are specified in a text document. If the password does not fit, then write to us. If possible, we will definitely check it out.

All downloaded content is provided via Google Drive

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