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Video Milkshake - CRT EMULATOR

Easily convert any footage or text into a retro image with simple drag and drop in After Effects. This Ae template will automatically pixelate and emulate an old CRT monitor or vintage television set.
Official source

Includes 3 separate templates:

  • Simple CRT

  • Pixelated

  • Horizontal Lines

More Info

Once downloaded, you will find three different Ae 2020 project files + image placeholder file. In Ae, simply double click on the layer that reads, "DOUBLE-CLICK TO CHANGE IMAGE". This will open up a composition where you can either change the placeholder file or just start dragging in your own footage to this comp. Once you go back to the main comp, you'll see the pixelation in effect.

Compatibility: After Effects
File Info: effects
Size: 1 mb



In this window, you can download - Video Milkshake - CRT EMULATOR

The content contains a password, to get it, you need to sign up for a subscription to "PRO  ACCESS" - Learn more.

The content contains a password, to get it, you need to subscribe to a subscription to "STANDARD ACCESS" or a level higher "PRO ACCESS" - Learn more.

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