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AE Shapes Blender

AE Shapes Blender - Makes it easy to blend shapes together in After Effects

20.03.2022No Comments • callo

Wrinkled Plastic Overlays

Wrinkled Plastic Overlays — 30 images of crumpled film to overlay on a photo

20.03.2022No Comments • callo

Marble Background Textures

Marble Background Textures - A set of 11 marble textures

10.03.2022No Comments • callo

Cement Floor Textures x10

Cement Floor Textures x10 - amazing way to improve the visibility of the information or design you need

09.03.2022No Comments • callo

Noise Dust Overlay Texture

Noise Dust Overlay Texture - A set of high-quality overlays with dust

02.03.20222 Comments • callo

Movie Slashed Text Style Effect

Movie Slashed Text Style Effect - Template for creating broken text

02.03.2022No Comments • callo

Moody Pink Backgrounds

Moody Pink Background Pack - A set of bright pink backgrounds

02.03.2022No Comments • callo

Freeze Winter Backgrounds

Freeze Winter Backgrounds — 10 backgrounds with frosty patterns

08.02.2022No Comments • callo

Credit Card Mockup AC

Credit Card Mockup AC — 7 mockups of bank cards

08.02.2022No Comments • callo

Frozen Texture Mockup

Frozen Texture Mockup - frosty effect for photos

08.02.2022No Comments • callo

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